Onze kraamzorg

We would like to give you a delicious and carefree maternity period. Our maternity care is primarily aimed at providing care and support to you, your baby and your family. In addition, we provide instruction and information about the proper care of your baby. Good maternity care ensures peace that promotes your mental and physical recovery and the integration of your baby into your family.

In short, giving your baby, you and your family the best possible start is our priority!

Maternity care happy life is a small-scale agency where we can take better account of your situation and wishes. Your personal situation is therefore central to our working method.

Maternity care that is optimally tailored to your individual needs and wishes Enthusiastic, professional maternity nurse. We are in possession of a breastfeeding certificate. Personal care is sought by a regular maternity nurse. We can guarantee your full maternity care hours available 24 hours a day, for 7 days a week

After registration you will receive a confirmation within 5 working days by mail.

And we will also contact you personally.

How many hours of maternity care do I receive?
The consultant determines the number of hours of maternity care together with you on the basis of the National Indication Protocol for Maternity Care during the intake. Immediately after delivery or during the maternity period, the number of hours of maternity care can be adjusted.

If all goes well, you get 49 hours (when breastfeeding) or 45 hours (during artificial nutrition). These hours are divided over 8 days, calculated from the first day of birth. Depending on your situation, hours can come or go. For example, if you stay in the hospital for one or more days, then 6 hours (5.5 hours) per day will go off. But if you or your child need extra help, then there can be hours.

On average, a mother receives 49 hours of maternity care, spread over 8 days. But depending on your situation, this can be too much or too little for you. Is it your first child, for example? Or did you unexpectedly have a caesarean section? Then the number of hours may go up. Will you stay in the hospital or maternity hotel for a few days? Then the number of hours may go down. Do you have a reason for more or less care? Almost everything is possible in consultation with the care consultant.

Intake gesprek

We want to prepare everything well

You have certain expectations and ideas about your maternity period and we have collected a lot of information and tips for you. The intake interview is a good time to discuss this together and to come to a nice care plan. That is why we visit you around the 7th month of your pregnancy.

No wish is too crazy

We come to your home and understand that we have to adapt. No wish is too crazy. After all, it is your house, your child and your maternity period. During the intake interview, the care consultant will record all your wishes in a care plan (booklet). After maternity, the maternity nurse works with this booklet so she knows exactly what to take into account. Do you, for example, have other children who have to go to school? Do you want your maternity nurse to take into account certain cultural or religious norms and values? Prefer shoes on or off at your home? Or a maternity nurse who can handle your dog or cat? No problem, your wishes, our care! We also tell you what you can expect from maternity nurse.

During pregnancy, an intake interview will take place by the care consumer of Kraamzorg happy life. The health care consultant will contact you for this. If you expect your first child, or if there are special circumstances, the conversation will take place at your home during the day.
During the interview you can indicate your wishes as a client and the health care consultant discusses the possibilities. The following topics will in any case be discussed:
information about maternity care tasks of the maternity nurse your personal circumstances indication, what items you need for the delivery and maternity week (uitzetlijst).

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